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Our Marketing Plan

Our goal is to sell your property, giving you guidance helping you decide on the correct marketing price and conclude a sales transaction as quick as possible.

To do this we need to establish with you as our client what your needs are and what you have planned for the future, together with our advice help you to price the property correct and then design a marketing plan for the best exposure for your property.

The various areas of our marketing plan includes –

Handing out brochures, erecting for Sale signs boards, and making contact with our existing data base of buyers.

We advertise through various marketing media, such as Property 24 and other internet sites. Show houses is also an option but not compulsory, this is the owners decision.

We Multi list our properties to the other professional agencies in the area to assure that your Property gets the best exposure. This will normally be done within a 3 week period of signing our Exclusive mandate.

Our marketing plan does not stop here, we guide our Sellers through to the end process with their Attorneys until the property takes transfer in the buyers name.


  1. Offer accepted by the Seller
  2. Deposit and initial payments obtained by the Conveyancer
  3. Should there be a Bond, application to be made to Banks or institute of purchasers choice (21 days)
  4. Once the Bond or guarantees are in place arrangements for documentation to be signed by Seller and the purchasers at the conveyancers.
  5. Cancellation figures should you have a Bond supplied by your bank to the conveyancers
  6. Transfer cost obtained from purchaser and duty paid to SARS
  7. All clearance certificates to be obtained – EX – Electrical certificates, Beetle, plumbing, gas.
  8. Once transfer duty receipt is obtained, the documents are now ready to be lodged at the Deeds Office.
  9. Once transfer registered at Deeds Office all final accounts will be reconciled and your proceeds paid over from the sale.

This process depending on the offer, from date offer is accepted and depending on factors range from 60 to 90 days.

Lastly Important Facts To Keep In Mind As A Seller In Terms Of Costs

  • The Seller will be liable for cost of certificates, depending on what your property offers, these can include beetle, electrical, plumbing, gas and electric fence. (We can assist you in obtaining these and can arrange that the contractors receive their payment once you receive your proceeds)
  • Municipality clearance, this is normally a sum of three months paid in advance to the local municipality.

Please feel free to discuss average costs of the above with me, to help you have an indication of what these can amount too.